Once we deplane, my cell phone again goes off. It’s the secretary to Senator Harris. Unfortunately, she is unable to meet with me as she was called into a roll call vote on a controversial bill. One that I was absolutely against.

We take the limo to the building that we just purchased. Captain Perez told me about the building needing some work to make it more appealing. When we arrived, we immediately saw what he was referring to. The whole building needed pressure washing at the very least. The trash disposal area was a mess and needed to be cleaned up.

The ladies had already seen enough buildings; however, I did ask Jennifer to join me inside. Much to my relief, there was a security guard at a desk giving directions as to what floor certain companies were located on. I sent Jennifer into the ladies’ room to check things out. I headed into the men’s room. Thankfully, the men’s room was clean and odor free. When I went back outside, Jennifer said the ladies’ room was also clean and without odor. We didn’t stay very long as we had to get cleaned up for dinner with Captain Perez.

The chauffeur drove us to the Watergate. We were greeted by some very nice people who worked hard at putting our luggage on the cart and taking us to the front desk for check-in.

The front desk people checked the four of us in and gave us each a keycard and sent us with the bellman and our luggage up to our suites.

Ronda again held my elbow on the ride up. I saw Jennifer and Dakota just watching me.

“Jennifer, Dakota are either of you joining Ronda and I for dinner with Captain Perez?”

Both ladies declined. Dakota said she was very tired since we had been going since 3 am Los Angeles time. She opted for room service and a nice hot bath to relax. When she mentioned the bath, Jennifer agreed that a long hot bath sounded like such a good idea that she was going to have one herself. She also was going to have room service.

Ronda was all excited that we were staying in the same suite. The bellman took us to our suite and used the keycard to open the door. The room was nice and clean. I kicked off my shoes and tipped the bellman two $100 bills. He set the bags on the luggage stand and left. On the way out he did point out that the room service is available 24 hours a day.

Laying on the couch, Ronda sauntered over to me. She kissed me and put herself on top of me. I felt myself begin to stir. I pulled her into me and kissed her hard. She responded in the same manner. We began to make out as I felt her beautiful body press into me. My cock began to ache and wanted its release. As she had her lips on mine, I unclasped my pants and let her hands pull them down. In just a moment or so, my cock sprang from its confines. Ronda put her delicate hand around my shaft, and she began to stroke me. Her movements felt wonderful.

As she continued to stroke my manhood, I felt her slide down and wrap her lips around my manhood. I felt her hot breath as her lips began to swirl around the head of my cock making it ache with more intensity. After several minutes of her oral assault on my cock, she finally engulfed me into her wet mouth. As I felt her warm wet mouth, I began to thrust up into her mouth with a purpose. My hands found their way to the sides of her head and my hips continued to thrust into her.

She slid my pants and boxers down past my knees. I felt her soft hands play with my balls as her mouth worked the head of my cock. I leaned my head back on the couch as the delight of her oral skills gave me such enjoyment. As my body neared an orgasmic peak, I pulled her up to me and kissed her passionately. I whispered into her ear how much I loved her and she responded in like fashion. My hands found their way all over her body, removing her clothing. I could hear her breathing change as I licked and sucked on her neck. She continued to stroke me as I thrust upwards toward her womanhood.

At some point, she threw a leg over me and lined her love hole up with my manhood. Gently, I thrust myself into her. As I did, I heard her moaning into my ear.

“Oh David, I love you so much. You make me feel so wonderful. I want to have your baby more than you will ever know. Please give me all you have. I want you, I need you, I love you,” she says as she impales herself on my cock.

As she is riding me, I feel her wetness coating my cock and balls. I put my arms around her and roll her onto her back thrusting myself deeper into her. I see her eyes glazing over as I thrust repeatedly into her. My cock, my balls, and my entire pelvis area keep getting wetter and wetter. I’m thrusting into her as gently but as deeply as I can get.


As the first big orgasm rolls through her body, I feel another on the beginning, “OH DAVID, I’M CUMMING JUST FOR YOU. FUCK ME, I’M CUMMING SO DAMN HARD.” Her body still spasming underneath me. I begin to really thrust into her, my balls slapping her making loud sounds of pure ecstasy. She is moaning and writhing as her body makes my pelvis wet with her womanly juices.

“OH DARLING, HERE I CUM. YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL. YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO LOVED,” I say as I cum into her feeling her body grasp my cock and milk it for everything it has.

We pull each other tightly as we continue to orgasm again and again. I cum into her a second time feeling her pussy milk my hard cock. We roll off the couch and onto the floor, laughing as we land on the carpet. She declares her love for me once again as I kiss her face.

“OH DAVID, I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH,” she says into my ear as my cock remains hard and deep in her pussy.

As we begin to settle down, our bodies continue to spasm as we kiss each other and declare more feelings of love for each other. I pull her tightly to me and kiss her before I nibble on her ear causing her to moan.

I pick her up and carry her honeymoon style to the bed. I lay her down before I slide my cock back into her wet cum-filled pussy. She asks me to fuck her once again. I push myself into her and push deep. I feel all the cum making it easy to fuck her again She is begging me for more and more cum as I thrust hard into her.

Tears of joy begin to stream down her cheeks as I continue to push deep into her. I feel yet another orgasm fast approaching, “OH GAWD RONDA, I SO FUCKING LOVE YOU,” I say as I shoot yet another sizeable amount of baby making juice into her already sloppy pussy. I see her eyes roll to the back of her head as she reaches another orgasmic peak.

“OH DAVID, GAWD DAMN, I LOVE YOU. OH MY GAWD, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,” as she continues to orgasm on my hard cock.

As we begin to regain our senses, I see that it is time to get ready for dinner. I pick up my lover and carry her to the shower where I turn on the hot water and set her down gently. We take our time and soap each other up. Ronda takes her time to shampoo my hair. I, in turn, push her against the shower wall and put my cock into her ass causing her to moan loudly. I thrust harder and harder into her. I feel her wetness bathing my pelvis as I thrust hard into her. Once again, she reaches an orgasmic peak. As I feel her ass clamp around my cock, it begins to milk me for all I must give her. I shot several ropes of cum into her anal cavity.

Once I am all spent, I lean against the glass of the shower and enjoy the hot water cascading over my body.

“OH DARLING, I SO LOVE YOU,” I tell her.

“And I love you, David,” she says back to me.

We spend a few more minutes rinsing off before we turn the shower off and step out to dry ourselves off. She takes me by the hand and leads me into the bedroom. I lay down on the bed and just watch that beautiful body get dressed. I think to myself how beautiful our child will be with her so gorgeous and sexy.

Ronda pulls out a short skirt and a tight top. I am stunned at just how beautiful she is. As she nearly finishes getting dressed, I begin to get dressed as well. I put one of my suits on since we are going to a very upscale restaurant for dinner.












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